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St. Michael’s College School Academic Policies

When a candidate and his parents/guardians choose St. Michael’s College School, it is regarded as an expression of trust in the school’s educational philosophy and its programme of studies. A student commits himself to completing each year of the programme as it is described in the published literature. If, for enrichment, a student wishes to take a course outside of the school, it must be approved by the Principal or his designate.

St. Michael’s College School Religious Policies

It is our expectation that all students will successfully complete one religion course each year and will participate in the religious exercises and liturgies of the school. These policies are necessary in order to preserve the character of St. Michael’s College School and to ensure that the student will give himself as fully as possible to the academic, spiritual, social, and co-curricular aspects of the school. These policies are designed to enable a student to acquire a well-rounded, liberal arts education in preparation for university.

Admissions Code of Conduct Statement

At St. Michael’s College School we graduate young men who will change the world through lives of faith, character, and service. This goal is achieved through the development of character and integrity in our students. Our Code of Conduct helps prepare our students to lead lives inspired by goodness, discipline, and knowledge. These rules and procedures serve to guide their behaviour and encourage them to show respect for themselves, their school, and others. Our faith tradition teaches us that we are created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-27) and, as such, are called to recognize and respect the fundamental human dignity of each and every person. Built on this theological and moral foundation, our Code of Conduct serves both to educate our young men and to hold them accountable for their choices and actions. Through this code we aim to develop morally responsible young men who embody virtue and make a positive contribution to society. It is our expectation that families will read the Code of Conduct and work with our school community in our effort to have their sons embrace its precepts.

Verification Statement

Our son and we, his parents/guardians, declare that the information given in this application is accurate, true and complete. We will accept the Academic and Religious Policies, as well as the Code of Conduct as stated above and agree to uphold them along with all other rules and regulations associated with St. Michael’s College School.

Date: Sep 22, 2019
Date: Sep 22, 2019
Date: Sep 22, 2019